20 June 2017


 "nothing is impossible"

You can be whoever you want to be.
You can change.

And it´s you who makes you unhappy or happy.

Your mind is everything. It can make you feel like you´re in a prison but you can take back the control and free yourself.

It´s your life, nobody can tell you what to do with it.

You are where you are because of decisions you made in the past, so if you want a different result, face the change and make different decisions.

Change can be scary, I know, but it´s the only thing that will you allow to grow.
To get to another level.

I hope you enjoyed the little post!! Thanks Maya for the amazing pics!

Shoes: Adidas Superstars // Jeans: Topshop (similar one) // Top: Brandy Melville // Jacket: got it from the Netherlands // Glasses: Aceandtate // Watch: Daniel Wellington

11 June 2017


"You can do this! -coffee"

Honestly, I´ve never really been a coffee-drinker, and I still wouldn´t call myself one... but we got a new coffee maker last week, which I HAD TO TRY OUT of course!!
Well my creation turned out to be more like an Iced Chai Latte with a little taste of coffee haha, but I have to share the recipe with you anyway, because since I´ve tried it out, I drink it almost every day (haha and sometimes even 2-3 times a day... yeeaah I´m kinda obsessed...).

1 person

5-6 Ice Cubes
1 cup Oat Milk or Almond Milk
2 tsp Chai Powder (Simply Chai)
1 pinch of Cinnamon
Normal or Double Espresso

1// prepare the espresso
2// put the ice cubes into a nice glass and add the chai powder and cinnamon and after that the espresso and milk
3// add a long spoon or a staw... et voila!!

I hope you liked the post!! And you really really need to try out this easypeasy recipe... I promise you won´t regret it!!


07 June 2017


I really really enjoy blogging in general... taking pictures, editing them, sharing my thoughts. But one thing which often kinda annoyed me during the last month (or even years haha) is that I´m just not completely sure about my style. I´m often just not sure if I should upload a photo I generally like, but which doesn´t match my Instagram feed, or if I should buy a jeans, which doesn´t match with some pieces of my closet (hahah that´s one of the reason why I almost only have black clothes- because you can wear them with everything!!)

I´m still on my journey and I probably always will be- and that´s a good thing!
I like changes, I like trying out new things, I like to get better every day, but I really really would like to have some clarity, to know what my style is, to feel confident about it.

Lately I feel like I´m a lot closer to the person I want to be and truly am... and with that comes the feeling of knowing (more or less) what my style is... well haha I beg my style is still going to change a lot during the next years nevertheless.
Nothing changed about the fact that I wear a lot of black clothes (which will probably never change haha because I looooovvee this color!!).
BUT a white t-shirt with blue letters which I got at a fleamarked became my favorite t-shirt... and this is definitely a beginning, isn´t it haha?

Let me know how you feel about your style!!


Shoes : Puma Suede Heart // Jeans: Topshop (similar one) // Shirt: fleamarked // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Watch: Daniel Wellington