04 August 2017


Last night I couldn´t stop thinking about the things I want to do this summer, this year and generally in my whole life

...so I ended up writing a list of all the big and small things I want to do in my life!!

 It was actually kinda scary because I realized that there is sooo little time left to do a major part of the things even though I´m only 17 years old...

I guess I lived at least 15 on autopilot and didn´t really think about why I do what I do and what I truly want to do with my life and sadly I have the feeling that a lot of people still live on autopilot...

I see quite a lot of people who tell me "If I only had more money..." "If it would be possible..." when we talk about what to do after school. I sometimes may think a bit too optimistic but I mean why should it be unpossible to realize our dreams. 

Dreams are not meant to stay dreams forever.


run a marathon

live in the Netherlands

travel around the world

learn how to surf

do sky diving

help people

become a successful blogger

buy an expensive camera 

live in the appartement of my dreams

take pictures in a sunflower field

live in Sweden or Norway

go hiking before the sunrise

throw a crazy summer party

dive in the ocean

inspire somebody to go vegan

get a driver´s licence and buy a black mini

get a dog

go to a Coldplay and Ed Sheeran concert

learn dutch and a scandinavian language

do the splits

getting to know people from all over the world

live in Amsterdam for at least one month

What things are on your list?
Have a nice day,

16 July 2017


Hellooo, I finally wanna share another vegan recipe with you guys, and I´m probably gonna post some more food related posts during the next time because I´ve found sooo many delicious recipes lately!!

But yeah todays´ post is going to be about my all time favorite pancake recipe, inspired by "Für Sie" (... ohh well I seriously shouldn´t write this post because now I have to look at the pictures and get hungry haha) which I tried out at the beginning of the year for the first time and since than I love love loooove to make these pancakes on weekends!! What do you like to have for breakfast?

for two persons

1/2 cup whole-grain flour
1 tsp backing powder
a pinch of salt
a pinch of cinnamon
1 tbsp brown sugar or coconut sugar
1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup sparkling water
1 cup walnut

vegan vanilla yogurt

1// combine flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and sugar in a bowl
2// put the banana, almond milk and sparkling water into a blender and puree until smooth
3// add the bananamilk mixture to the dry ingredience
4// chop the walnuts into smaller pieces and add them to the batter
5// combine everything
6// heat a lightly oiled pan over medium-high heat
7// pour a big spoon of pancake batter onto the hot pan, and cook until bubbles form, than flip the pancake and cook the other side
8// when all the pancakes are ready add vegan vanilla yogurt and blueberries... bon appetit!

I hope you enjoyed the post guys!! Hahah I´m seriously so so proud that I managed to flip the pancakes in the air without letting them fall on the flour AND take a good photo of it (thanks to my friend Cara:))

Have a nice dayyy, Alina

10 July 2017


"I´m in love with cities I´ve never been to and people I´ve never met"

Heeey ho, long time no see!!
But I´m back haha and I had the most amazing time with my friend in the netherlands last weekend... be prepaired for a little spam on this blog, I just took waaaay too many pics which I want to share with you!!
How are you guys doing? I´m doing an internship at Tchibo in the grafic design section which is so so much fun... and now I´m only having 1.5 more weeks school/internship til the summer holidays start... yass yass yaaas!
But anyway, as I said I spend the last weekend in the Netherlands!! Me and my dutch friend went to quite a lot of cities and I still can´t believe how beautiful there are... especially Leiden and Gouda are definitely worthy a second visit! I just love the Grachtenhouses, the old little streets, the bicycles everywhere (well they were actually kinda dangerous for me because I´m a bit clumsy and not used to so may bicycles which is not really a good combination haha...) and the little markets.

I´m having the dream/plan to study in the Netherlands, so hopefully I´ll have the chance to visit these nice citys very often, very soon:)
Did you every go to the Netherlands?
Well if you ever go to Gouda, you have to go to Curcuma, their vegan icecream was just sooo delicious!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Have a nice monday!

Shoes: Puma Suede Heart // Jeans: Topshop // Shirt: vintage // backpack: fjallraven //watch: Daniel Wellington