18 October 2017


picture taken by: Laura

It´s been such a long time since I uploaded a new post... but right now my head is full of new ideas and my camera full of new photos so a lot of new post are coming up soon!!

October has been crazy so far, and a lot of amazing events are coming up the next weeks!! I´ve been to Amsterdam last week, spend one day at home and now I´m enjoying the beautiful beautiful city of Krakow before I´ll head to the Netherlands again, but this time with my boyfriend and his family! Are you interested in a post about one or both of these cities?

I really can´t complain... I love traveling and I´m so so grateful to explore so many cities this month before I have to study for my final exams... what are you guys up to this month?

Okay this post actually wasn´t meant to end up being a lifeupdate... I´m writing it because I finally realized that NOBODY has a perfect life.
Everyone has fears and insecurities.
Everyone has problems.
Everyone needs to clean up their kitchen, work really heard, doesn´t know what is right and wrong, feels lonely and lost now and than.
picture taken by: Greta

I used to scroll through Instagram and Weheartit our just saw somebody and thought: ohh wow their lifes are pretty cool, they have a bunch of money, a good body and travel a lot- their lifes seem perfect! 
Well... their lifes seem perfect but nobody has a perfect life. There are so many things you don´t know about a person: they might feel lonely and don´t have real friends, they might have problems in their family, they might not go the path they want to go.

A person who´s life seems perfect doesn´t have to be happy. Somebody who has a small amount of money, lives in a small appartement and can´t effort a plane ticket every holiday might be a lot happier. We should all do our best, do what feels right, follow our dreams and enjoy the little things instead of trying to be perfect and ending up being sad because trying to be perfect doesn´t work.

We´re all different, some of us are small, some are tall, some of us know 10000 persons but don´t have real friends, some know just a few´people but can share everything with them, some are rich, some are poor regarding money, some have a family, some don`t. We all have different dreams and plans.

But everyone of us has fears, insecurities, dreams, hopes. We´re all sad sometimes. We´re all lost sometimes. We´re all making mistakes sometimes. Regarding these things we´re all the same. Perfect does not exist. Perfect is an illusion.


Ohh and hello to all my new readers!! I was so happy when I saw that we´re actually over 50!