25 September 2017


Ahhh I can´t believe autumn is cooming... most of my friend are not really happy about the colder temperatures and rain now and than but I have to admit that I love love looove autumn.
Of course summer is nice too, but I just love the cozy evenings in my bed with a cup of hot cocoa, some candles and Netflix or a good book. Ohh or all the cute outfit options, or walks in the park with all the colorful leaves on the ground....

I feel like there is a certain magic about these last month of the year... and as you can tell, I´m definitely an autumn lover!! Do you prefer the warmer seasons or autumn/ winter?
Let me know in the comments!!

I´ve planned quite a lot autumn inspired posts (including one absolutely delicious recipe!!) and I hope I´ll be able to create them all because it´s my last year of school, which means that I should really focus on school this year... but I´ll give my best!!

There will definitely be an autumn-inspired outfit post coming soooon, which will probably include these shoes as well, but I couldn´t wait to show them to you haha!! I got soo many compliments for these boots from SassyClassy (leather free of course hehe), and I´m really happy with them as well:)
Another must-have are scarfs of course... mine are from Zara and H&M and I´m thinking about buying myself another one in rosé or bordaux!
Moreover I also had to include my black jeans jacket from Brandy Melville in this post... you can actually wear it with everything and it´s quite warm as well because of the fur inside:)

What are you fashion must-haves for autumn?

I believe that there is such a thing like autumn music, even if the songwriters did´nt mean to write an autumn song haha... I love every kind of calm and "cozy" music during fall, but just listen to my playlist to get an impression!!

I´m still seaching for some more songs for my fall playlist, so let me know if you have any recommendations:)
Ahhh I love fairy lights and candles, I think that their make every room so much more cozy and autumn inspired:) So if you haven´t already, take out your fairy lights and candles and decorate your room!!

Some good series & movies are absolutely a must-have for the short days! I just love to cuddle myself up in my bed, get a hot chocolate or chai latte and watch a good movie!!
Currently I´m watching Gilmore Girls which is just perfect for this season (if you don´t know Girlmore Girls: it´s about a mother& daughter who have to deal with love and family issues... okay that doesn´t sound really exciting, but I swear this series is soooo good).
Ohh and if you haven´t watched the scandinavian series SKAM yet... do it or you will miss something out!!

HOT CHOCOLATE [little recipe]
Okayy this could almost be a christmas inspired post, buuut isn´t  a hot chocolate the most amazing thing on a cold day? I´m always trying out new combinations, but this one is definitely my all-time favorite so I simply have to share the recipe with you!!

What you need:

1 cup of coconut milk
1 tsp raw cocoa powder
1 tsp agave syrup
a pinch of cinnamon

What you need to do: 

1// heat the coconut milk (and froth it up if you can:))
2// mix the cocoa powder, syrup and cinnamon in a mug and add hot the coconut milk
3// decorate you hot cocoa with some cinnamon 

I really hope you enjoyed this post!!