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"the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"-Sokrates

When I look back to the person I was one year ago and to the life I lived one year ago it´s kinda shocking how much has changed, But even though some things were better back than, I would never even think about wishing my old life back.
To be honest... I wasn´t a really happy person one year ago, I neither liked my life nor myself, which is such a sad thing to say, but it´s the truth.
I cannot really explain how and why but at some point this summer it just clicked and I started to realize that I can change whatever I want to if I only believe that it´s possible.

I started to go vegan, which was probably one of the best decisions I made this year!!

I started to cook more often and stopped eating candy everyday.

I started blogging again, even if I didn´t upload as much as I wish I would have, but that´s definitely one of the things I´m going to change in 2017.

I started playing the saxophon, which was actually one of the things I had planned to do a very very long time ago.

I have started to meditate almost every day, I always couldn`t understand why some people love it and spend some hours EVERY DAY meditating. But eventually I was curious and did a meditation on Youtube and I just loved it... well and since than a short meditation is actually part of my everyday life, and there is nothing better if you feel a little stressed and want to forget everything around you for a few minutes.

I also got to know sooo many amazing people during this year, which I´m really really greatful for.
One year ago it was kinda hard for me because I always had the feeling I had to fit in one of the "friendgroups" in our class but I never felt like I belong 100% to one of these groups. But this summer our classsystem changed and now I have almost every subject with different people, which is sooo amazing, because I have made so many new friends and don´t feel like I have to be a certain kind of way to fit in,
Unfortunately some amazing people also left my life, and especially when one person left our family it was really hard for me and I think I can be really greatful that I have so many great friends who supported be during this time.

Last but not least I changed as a person, which is probably not a big surprise when you grow up haha... but yeah I learned how to love myself and how to think positive, which are supposedly the two things which changed every other thing during the last month,

Do you guys want a blogpost about some tips on how to change your life in the new year?
I hope you enjoyed the post!!


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4 Kommentare

  1. Ich freue mich sehr, dass sich das Leben im letzten Jahr für dich so positiv entwickelt hat:) Für mich gab es kaum schwerwiegende Veränderungen, aber ich habe trotz allem viel gelernt.
    Wenn du magst kannst du gerne auch auf meinem Blog vorbeischauen. Dort gibt es einen kleinen Auschnitt aus meinem 2016!

    Liebst, Seline

    1. Jass dann gucke ich gerne gleich mal bei dir vorbei<3

  2. Erstmal: Die Beiden Bilder sind so schön! Irgendwie vermitteln sie ein Gefühl von Ruhe, Entspannung und Gelassenheit. :)
    Ich bin gespannt, was dir 2017 zu bieten hat und hoffe, es wird für dich ein so gutes Jahr wie 2016!

    Alles Liebe ❤,