06 March 2017


Who doesn´t like traveling?? Exploring new places, meeting new people, learning new words in a language, getting out of the everyday life...
When I finish school next year I definitely want to travel as much as possible before I start studying!! So yeah I thought it might be interesting to share the european places I want to see during the next years:)) Are you also interested in seeing the more international places on my list?


I´ve seen soooo many amazing vlogs and photos from iceland and
they always just fascinated me... the nature has to be really amazing and I wish to have the ability to see the northern lights one day!!


Again I´ve seen way too many amazing photos from Notting Hill and  because I´ve never been in London either, this place is also on the top of my travel list:))


I´m actually going to go to Lisbon this summer with my family and I´m super exited!! I´ve never been to Portugal before but I believe   it will be really nice to spend some warm days in this city, I mean just have a look at the photo!!


Since I´m watching Cornelia Grimsmo´s videos on YT I want to travel to Norway especially during the christmas!! I´m not goona lie but I´m unfortunately a person who freezes quite quickly, but still I want to see Norway´s beautiful nature.


Again YT made me want to travel to this place (I´m such an victim of sponsored trips and advertising hahaha)....The old buildings look soo beautiful on pictures and besides that I love to speak english which makes it even more excited for me to travel to english-speaking countries and improve my skills:)) I´m actually planning a mother-daughter trip with my mom at the moment... so fingers crossed we´ll actually fly to Edinburgh!!

Which european places do you want to see??


  1. I reallyyyyy want to go to iceland!!! It looks so beautiful :D

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  2. Great post! Thanks for your advice.