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basic idea of the law of attraction:
Like attracts like.
 The whole universe is made up of Energy which vibrates at a certain frequency, which means that you´re vibrating at a certain energy, and everything you desire or not desire vibrates at a certain frequency as well. Vibration attracts like vibration, which basically means that if you focus on the positive and your dreams coming true, you´ll attract positive things into your life, as well as opportunities to realize your dreams.

watch this amazing video if you´ve never heard about the LOA: *click*

I think it was about one or two years ago when I first heart about the Law of Attraction. My first thought about is was wtf is that?! I mean this can´t work, life would be way too easy than... I mean I could have literally everzthing in my life than! I could have a big big house, become a blogger, travel the world.... that would be amazing! But no, this Law of attration sounds like crazy magic, it can´t work...
 Even though I didn´t really believe in the Law of Attraction, I became interested in it, watched tones of videos about it, watched the Secret and even bought myself a book about the LOA, and I decided to give it a try... there´s nothing to loose right? And why should people talk with passion about it, and write books if it´s just crap??

I started visiulizing my goals by creating a vision board with tones of pictures of the places I want to see, the lifestyle I want to have and the kinds of persons I wanted to be around with and put it right over my bed. Moreover I wrote lists about my dreams and imagined them being fulfilled already... it might sound crazy but I actually started acting as if I already had everything on that list and being grateful for not only the things I have in my life right now, but also for the idea of  my dreams already being manifested.
At the same time I really got into yoga, meditation, running, sports and eating healthy, which is of course not something you have to do to manifest your dreams, but it helped me raising my frequency.

And than things started changing...

I won six giveaways on Instagram during on month
I got a place for an internship at the company I always wanted to work with
I got exactly the grades in school I wanted to have
Money suddenly came easily to be
I got a really amazing job offer one day after I visualized myself having more money
The guy from my school who I fancyied became my boyfriend
and many many more smaller things like finding exactly the pullover I wanted to have on a fleamarket for 4 euros

Of course I also did something to achieve these things, but what changed is the feeling that everything happens for a reason, the feeling of being in control of my life and knowing that everything is possible. 
And I have to say that I´m so much happier with these feelings, but somehow I didn´t really speak about the LOA with most of my friends and on the internet, which is exacly what I´ll do from now on.
Because believing in the power of the universe and the LOA turned my life around, and I want every person on this earth to have the opportunity to experience this great change and positivity as well.
Love, Alina

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  1. Cooler Blogpost und das Video über LOA war echt sehr interessant,
    ich glaube das wird mich noch länger beschäftigen :D

    Josie / Warm Winters

  2. Hey dear. Amazing post. I like it.

    Check my last post - Q&A

  3. Das ist so ein schöner Post und auch dieses Video ist so interessant.
    Liebe Grüße
    Luisa von

    1. Dankee! Freut mich, dass es dich inspiriert hat:)

  4. Du hast einen echt tollen Blog !
    Love it !

  5. Richtig schöner Post und interessantes Thema, das du ansprichst. Da sollte man auf jeden Fall nochmal drüber nachdenken.

    Liebste Grüße <3


    1. Uii dankeschön Sophie! Und ja, du solltest dich auf jeden Fall mal mit dem Thema auseinandersetzen:)

  6. Giiirl, it gives me goosebumps reading what came to you once you started believing! And I totally live by this concept :) After seeing 'The Secret' when I was like 15 :D

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat