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To be completely honest with you guys... I was not feeling good at all about one or two weeks ago, mostly because there was a huge shift in my life and I didn´t know how to deal with it. It went so far that I didn´t have any motivation and joy doing the things I normally enjoy doing and instead I felt tired all the time... and even though I don´t want to focus too much on the negative on this blog and my Instagram, I believe it´s so so important to also share the not-so-brilliant aspects of my life, because everyone has ups and downs in their lifes and it´s completely okay to not be okay!

Since I´m feeling much much better now, I will share some tips with you, which helped me getting out of my depressed mood, and no matter if you´re simply having a bad day or suffering from depression, I´m sure some of my tips will help you to feel a better!

1// force yourself to get active and meet your friends
When I´m not feeling good, staying in bad and being sorry for myself doesn´t bring me further at all... going out for a run, doing yoga or meeting some friends (even if I have to force myself to do it haha) always shifts my mood!

2// listen to happy music
Music has such a big impact on ourselves and our mood, especially if we are not feeling too good! Listen to music which inspires you and makes you happy is always the best choice:)

3// pamper yourself
I often don´t feel like doing my nails, putting a masque on my face or taking a bath when my mood is low, but showing yourself some love is so so important! I swear, you will feel so much better after it!

4// listen to a guided meditation
These is this one guided meditation which seriously always lifts my mood and makes me feel so much lighter *click*. Do you have a favorite meditation you listen to, when you´re not feeling too good?

5// drink a lot of water and eat  fruits and veggies
What you put into your body affects your mood and level of energy, so make sure you eat mostly nurishing food and hydrate your body and not try to fill the emptiness inside you with chocolate, icecream and pizza.

6// create a vision/ motivation board
Think about how you want your life to be like and who you want to be, and than print out lots of pictures which remind you of the life you want to live and put them all together on one huge paper... this process of creating my your very own vision board is so so much fun and will bring back the excitement and motivation regarding your life!

7// find someone who inspires you
Finding someone in your near environment or over social media, who lives the life of your dreams, or has a character trait you would like to adopt and spend time with them or look at their pictures and watch their vlogs, is a great method to find inspiration and motivation! But what´s really important to remember is that social media often only shows us the positive aspects of someones lifes, and not their own problems... striving for the "perfect life" many bloggers are presenting on their Instagram won´t make you happy in the long run, because a "perfect life" does not exist!

8// change your life?
Sometimes being in a bad mood for a longer period of time indicates that you´re not truely happy in your current lifesituation... than it´s time for a change. Whatever it is, always remember that you only have this one life, so if you´re not happy and fulfilled with what you´re doing right now, think about what you would like to do instead. What comes easily to you? What makes you happy? What are you passionate about?
This step is maybe a bit too big to put it all into one post, but if you´re interested in how to change your life step by step and how and why I changed my life in the past, I would love to write a whole post about this topic!!
I can also really really recommed reading "You´re a Bad Ass- How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life (Jen Sincero)", not only because it seriously helped me become more happy and fulfilled but also because Sinceros sence of humor is simply the best haha:)

What helps you feeling better if you´re in a bad mood? Let me know in the comments!
Love, Alina

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3 Kommentare

  1. Total gelungener Post :) Die Tipps sind einfach allgemein sehr hilfreich! Ich habe momentan selbst ständig Stimmungsschwankungen seit ich den Schulalltag nicht mehr habe, nichts neues anfange, und irgendwie planlos im Abi dazwischen stehe. Manchmal freue ich mich total darüber mir mein ganzes Leben jetzt neu kreieren zu können.. und dann denke ich wieder dass ich dazu nicht fähig sein werde, irgendwo auf der Strecke bleiben werde und ich im langweiligsten Schulalltag wahrscheinlich besser aufgehoben wäre ..
    Alles Liebe, Lea von

  2. Sehr tolle und hilfreiche Tipps!

    Alles Liebe, Marie💗

  3. Finde ich super, dass du auch solche Zeiten teilst, die hat doch jeder mal! Und die Tipps sind wirklich suer hilfreich :) Hoffe, dir geht es wieder besser :)

    Liebste Grüße <3