Are you living the life you want to live?

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What our generation forgot is to question. To question who they what to be and what they are doing.
Our parents put us into schools, where they tell us to do the best we can, so that we can get into university to study something which brings us a lot of money. 
So after school, many of us do exactly that, getting a 9 to 5 job, marring and getting children. 

I´m not saying that this is a bad life, because if this is what you want, it can be great for sure, but what I'm trying to express is, that there are so so many more great options what you can do with your life and I feel like this is exactly what so many of us forgot. We can be travelers, we don't have to settle, we don't have to do things because of money, we can live in the jungle, we can start our own company, we can move to a different country, we don't need to marry, we don't need to get children, we don't need to go to university.
We don´t have to take the easy path.

So I'm asking you, the life you're living right now, is it the life you really want to live?

And if not, are you willing to change things?

I realized about two years ago that I'm not at all living my dream life and it took me a while to find out, that I do have to power to change more than a few things. I wanted to be fit, I wanted to be a blogger, have different friends, I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to stand up early, I wanted to found my own company, I wanted to inspire, help and motivate people from all over the world, maybe open a cute vegan café... and finally there came this point where I actually started working towards these things. I started standing up early, blogging and working out on a regular basis...
 I'm not where I want to be some day, but I'm on my way, and I hope that I´ll break free and not follow the easy path, but go my own instead and I hope you'll do the same.

Love, Alina

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12 Kommentare

  1. This was just what I needed to hear right now and I couldn't agree more!
    xx Meggi

  2. Ich kann mich mit dem was du schreibst so gut identifizieren, gerade jetzt nach dem Abitur frage ich mich diese Frage umso mehr. Es fällt mir immer so schwer zu erkennen, ob ich etwas in meinem Leben/nicht möchte weil ich es wirklich aus meiner Intuition heraus möchte, oder ob ich einfach Normen der Gesellschaft folge..
    Alles Liebe, Lea von

    1. Oh ja genau so geht es mir auch total oft Lea! Ich glaube letztendlich muss man einfach das tun, was einem Spaß macht und wo man mit Leidenschaft dabei ist und nicht darauf achten, was alle anderen tut:))

  3. This post is so so good. It says what most people are afraid of to say. Thank you for this post. And my answer to your question would be: yes I am living the life I want, but lets see if my dreams are going to come true in the future <3 xxAria

  4. Ein interessantes Thema! Ich glaube, dass viele nicht das Leben leben, das sie gerne leben wollen, aber für eine Änderung zu ängstlich sind und somit lieber in ihrem Alltag verweilen, der sie vielleicht nicht ganz so glücklich macht.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  5. I feel you!! Ich bin gerade im letzten Schuljahr und denke zurzeit viel darüber nach, was für ein Leben ich danach leben möchte. Wie schön, dass du gemerkt hast, dass du nicht zufrieden bist. Es erfordert glaube ich viel Mut sich einzugestehen, dass man etwas anderes will und dies auch umzusetzen.
    xx anna

  6. Great post.

    If you follow me I will follow you back.

  7. Such a lovely picture, dear. You look stunning, as always!

  8. Wonderful Pictures dear, you look great!

    Greats, Marie