Hello Hellooo, my name is Alina, welcome on my little blog SEVENTYEIGHT!!

Let me tell you a bit about me... I´m 17 years old, living in Hamburg (Germany). 
I have quite a lot of dreams and I´m one of these persons that believe that everything is possible... I love travelling, getting to know new people, seeing places I´ve never seen before, taking thousands of pics and especially being on places where I feel small, where I´m impressed by the nature and by the fact that we humans are so so small compared to the universe (haha okay it´s getting deep now...)
But yeah, apart from traveling I also enjoy taking photos, going for a run, cooking vegan food (and eating of course haha), getting inspired, wearing cool outfits, meditations and simply spending time with my family and friends. 

If you have any questions or you want to cooperate with me, feel free to contact me: