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I really don´t know what it is but I looooove to eat everything out of bowls right now haha... when I saw a post about a lunsh bowl on berries& passion last week I HAD TO make myself a lunch bowl as well!! And because I´m having my "curry phase" right know (haha is it only me or do you also have these phases where you´re addicted to a certain kind of spiece?? Like one week I just want to add soy sause to everything, the next week I´m obsessed with peanut sause and yeeah right now it´s definitely curry hahaha) but anyway that´s the reason why this lunchbowl turned out to be a quit spiecy curry one!!

By the way I hope you´re all having a great start into the week!! What are you up to today? I actually have to go to school in a couple of minutes but I stood up really early this morning and got a lot of stuff done which means that this afternoon is going to be pretty relaxed:))

for 1 (hungry) person

10 cashew nuts
1/2 avocado
~125g brown rice& necessary water to cook it
1 tsp curry paste

1// read the instructions for the rice and prepair it the way it´s supposed to be
2// during the time the rice is cooking, put the chickpeas and the cashews into a pan and roast it on low heat
3// when the rice is ready, put some oil into another pan and add the rice, spice it with the currypaste and add a splah of water and some salt& pepper
4// put the rice into a bowl and add the chickpeas, cashews and corn
5// cut the avocado in the middle, remove the skin and the pit and cut stripes into the one half of the avocado (haha okay this is kinda hard to explain , but just have a look at the pics and you gonna know what I mean)
6// add the avocado to your lunchbowl and spice it with some salt& pepper!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!! Are you interested in a "how to become a morning person" post??


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4 Kommentare

  1. It´s look very delicious!

    Liebe Grüße, Marie |

  2. Sieht super lecker aus! Dein Blog gefällt mir echt gut, weshalb ich dich gerne fragen möchte, ob du Lust auf gegenseitiges Folgen hast? Schau doch mal vorbei! :)

    Liebste Grüße <3


    1. Vielen vielen Dank!! Jaaas, auf jeden Fall, dein Blog gefällt mir auch sehr gut:)