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January is definitely the perfect month to try out new things!!
Even though I don´t have any resulutions this year I decided to eat one month like really really healthy and don´t drink any alcohol, and honestly I´m lovin it so far, even though it´s a lot harder than I thought haha... do you have any goals for 2017??

Because of my kinda new diet I decided to try out a new breakfast recipe and give porridge a second chance... I not gonna lie, I was never the kind of person who loved porridge, but anyway I decided to try out a completely new recipe and I`M LOVIN IT... I honestly don´t wanna eat anything else for breakfast at the moment, so I thought it´s time to share my NEW FAVORITE RECIPE with you!!

for one person

1 cup of oats
hot water
a splash of (soy)milk
5 juicy dates
1 banana
cacao nips
chia seeds

1// Put the oats and the cinnamon into a bowl and pour the hot water over it. The oats should be a bit dry and soak in the water, but don´t pour in too much water!! Add a little splash of soy(milk) so that the oats will get the perfect "porridge-consistency"

2// Add the dates and 1/2 banana and mix everything up with a fork

3// Put the cacao nips, the chia seeds and also the other half of the banana on top of your porridge... et voila!!

I really hope you enjoy this recipe and will try out my recipe! How do you like your porridge??


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