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source: weheartit

One could seriously think it´s autumn in Hamburg... well I have no idea what has happened to the weather situation but the sun is kinda gone haha...
Anyway, I watched Jack Morris´video on youtube a few days ago (well I didn´t watch it ones, I seriously watched it eight times or something hha) and this video changed something inside me.
I mean I´ve seen quite a lot of pictures and videos of cool places and I always wanted to travel more, but now I feel like I REALLY REALLY want to travel more and I REALLY REALLY want to put more time and effort into blogging. Not that I want to copy Jack´s and Gypsea´s life, but there such an huge inspiration for me at the moment!!

And I´m really looking forward to the next month because I´m gonna go to the Netherlands tomorrow and a long trip to Portugal is also planned with my family.. yeaah!!
Do you have any plans for the summer?

I hope you´re having a nice week!!
Love, Alina

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    Ich grüße Dich von den Philippinen und freue mich wieder auf deine Worte. Ich arbeite gerade als Sozialarbeiter mit Straßen Kids zusammen, hast du schon solche Erfahrungen gemacht?
    Eine dicke Umarmung, Laura.

    1. Aww Danke!! Nein, leider habe ich sowas noch nicht gemacht... mal schauen, jetzt mache ich erstmal meinen Schulabschluss:) Aber richtig richtig cool, dass du als Sozialarbeiter arbeitest!!

  2. Great post Hun, love it x