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Can you believe it´s already december?!? I don´t understand how this year went by sooo fast haha... but I´m also really excited for december since it´s my favorite month!
Well to be honest my december started quite strange... some changes came across and I had the feeling that my whole life is falling apart, at the same time I was angry because I wanted this december to be really good and yesterday just wasn´t a good day at all...
 I don´t know why but it feels weird to write about my problems on my blog because normally I want to spread positive thoughts and inspriationshere, but I guess it´s important to be honest and don´t pretent to have the perfect happy life on social media, everyone has a problem and a bad day now and than and I think it´s important to share the not-so-great-side of my life aswell.
But yeah nevertheless I´m confident that the other part of december is going to be amazing!
Let´s make this month a special one!

Anyways, I actually wanted to share some of my november favorites with you guys, because I personally looove these kind of posts!! What are your november favorites?


Ohhh I love this eyeshadow palette so so much and I actually use it every day at the moment. I know it has it´s price but if you want to invest into a good eyeshadow palette which you can use for simple everyday looks but also for a night-out make up, the Naked 2 palette is perfect for you:)
Do you have another palette you can recommend?

I´m a huge fan of the Essie Nailpolishes but especially this one catched my heart! My mom gave it to be at the beginning of this month and since than I´ve worn it non stop:)
These dark red tones are simply perfect for this season in my point of view!


I´m not really a book worm to be honest- don´t get me wrong, I do like books but I often prefer spending my time doing other things haha... but this book by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle is my all-time-autumn/christmas-favorite. It contains three reeeaaally good romantic christmas shortstories and it´s THE PERFECT BOOK FOR THE CHRISTMAS TIME!

Okaaay this doesn´t really fit into the Lifestyle section haha but anyways, my fake glasses from the brand Ace&Tate were definitely one of my favorites last month!! So many of my friends don´t really see the point in wearing fake glasses but I feel like there are making a lot of outfits more special... and I mean if I like them, why shouldn´t I wear them?! I think as long as you´re not hurting anyone you should always wear and do what you want!

OMGGG I think I don´t have to say a lot to this favorite... I´m addicted to this series and it might be a good thing that a new episode comes out only ones a week, because now I can focus on my school stuff again instead of watching Riverdale all day haha! Have you watched it? (if not- go and do it hahah, you´re missing something out;))

Sooo now I´m really curious about your favorites!! I hope your all having an amazing december:)


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  1. Schöne Fotos! Die Farbe des Nagellacks gefällt mir sehr gut :)

    Liebste Grüße <3


  2. Die Palette ist und bleibt auch mein größter Favorit !