THE NEW YEAR IS COMING [my resolutions]

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Helloo did you all have a nice christmas time?? I spend christmas with my family and my boyfriends family which was amaaazing... and than our heater stopped working and our house became colder and colder haha... but it was a nice Christmas anyways!

Can you believe this year is actually coming to an end very soon?! 
It´s weird... on the one hand so many things happend this year and so much changed, but on the other hand it feels like nothing changed and time has flown by... but I´m soo excited for the new year and since I love working on my goals I want to share my New Years Resolutions with you today!!

But first let my say that if you have a goal, start working towards it NOW... we don´t live forever and nobody wants to die with regrets and unfulfilled dreams!

1// Put more time and effort into my blog and Instagram
This is definitely my biggest goal for 2018! Blogging is my biggest passion and I love to take photos, inspire others, get inspired and get to know new people and to be honest I would love to reach a wider audience and start collabortation!
Currently I´m standing up early to have an extra hour for blogging every day and I will do my best to continue doing this 2018! Do you have some tips for me to improve my blog and Instagram?

2// Finish school
I actually only have a few more month of school which is crazyyy!! Of course I want to do my best without being stressed out and get a good high school degree!

3// Drink more water
I feel like a lot of people have this resolution haha... I don´t know why but it´s really hard for me to drink enough! I became a lot better at drinking water last year, because I started including it into my daily routine (one big glass of water right after waking up and one big glass right before going to bed)! But yeah somehow I always forget drinking during the day and since water is really important for our bodies I´ll try to drink more of it!

4// Work more on myself
Taking some time to work on yourself can literally change your whole life! By focusing on yourself, on how you want to spend your time and on the things which make you happy, you will take control of your life and feel better in general! Working on myself is not really a new goal for me, but since it´s so important I had to include it into this post!!

I think a lot of people get stuck into their everyday life without asking themselves if this is really the life they want to live which is sad, because I believe that we all deserve to live our dream life!
By meditating, writing down your goals and the thing you´re grateful for everyday and doing some kind of sports you can change so much already because you become a new perspective!!

If you would like to read a whole post about this topic, let me know!

Yess so these are my resolutions for the new year! Let me know what your goals for 2018 are, I´m really curious!!

Let´s make 2018 an amazing year, let´s turn our dreams into reality!

Love, Alina

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10 Kommentare

  1. so cool photos my dear :D
    hope you realize what you want!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  2. I'm so happy to hear you had a great Christmas! (Despite the cold!) I love these goals. Mine are very similar - especially to drink more water and to work on myself!

    xx Chelsea

    1. Thank you Chelsea!! I hope you had a nice Christmas!

  3. Thanks a lot :D

    I wish you all the best <3

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  4. Sehr coole Vorsätze! Meine habe ich leider noch nie geschafft einzuhalten :D

    Josie / Warm Winters

    1. Haha sonst kann man sich ja auch einfach nur eine Sache vornehmen die gar nicht so schwer ist:)

  5. Klingt toll! Auch ich möchte mehr Zeit in meinen Blog und Instagram investieren. Ich werde erst 2019 mit der Schule fertig sein, aber es ist dennoch interessant und irgendwie auch heftig zu sehen, wie schnell die Zeit verfliegt!
    Komm gut in das neue Jahr xx

    1. Dankeschön!! Komm auch gut ins neue Jahr Lara:)