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 "It´s time to drink champagne and dance on the table"

Isn´t it crazy how the december has run by an how it´s almost christmas??
I honestly don´t want this month to come to an end... I´m just in love with this season and beside Christmas and New Years Eve there is another reason to celebrate during december: my birthday!!
Now it´s actually over ten days ago, but I wanted to share some pictures and some of my presents with you anyway.
I seriously had the best day ever! It was soo nice celebrating with my family and throwing a huge party with all of my friends in the evening.
I´m so grateful for the whole day and for all the presents I received, which were all amazing!!
Actually I got a lot of beauty products, because that´s somehow the stuff I don´t really like buying for myself and rather write it on my wishlist...
I also got a really really beautiful necklace, which I actually had to get out of the plughole- including a quiet effortful action- this afternoon because it fell into it... haha, I thought that would never ever happen to me and when I saw the necklace falling into the sink I first thought it would be a bad dream...
Ohh yess I also got "Harry Potter and the cursed child" which I´m soo exited to read during the upcoming holidays!!
Are you wayy to exited for the holidays as well and do you have all your presents yet?
If not, I really hope my presents were a little inspiration!!


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